Day 13: 31st

I saw my first turtle in Dahab (as far as I remember) which was pretty cool. It was munching on sea grass at 20m at Moray Gardens.

So far I have done 15 work dives and 7 fun dives which as more than I expected. At this rate I should get 100+ dives in Dahab which would be excellent. I aim to break total 500 dives before the end of the year.

I found and purchased a can of air freshener for my house. It used to smell like someone has been sawing planks of wood. My next shopping trip will probably be to get a tank strap because of mine snapped (at the buckle).

Updated: I have been thinking about my diet which is very different from the UK. I am eating entirely in the Coral Coast Hotel except when on site for work. (At the nearest restaurant to the dive site!) I am trying to limit pizza or burger to one meal a day. I have not yet got any ingredients at home but I have got as far as plugging in the fridge.

Drinking – overall I drink MUCH more in Egypt. A few Sakara beers a night is typical. At 500ml 4% a time this could mount up. I am keeping the situation under review.


Day 12: 30th

Two big groups left the centre yesterday to go home. It was quite sad seeing recently made friends (and student divers!) leaving. Most said they plan to return which is good. There are a few new divers arriving so that should keep me busy and distracted. I suppose this is a necessary evil of working in a resort dive centre.

It was really warm last night because the wind stopped from about 4pm until 2am this morning. Things are back to normal at the moment with a sea breeze blowing.

Day 11: 29th

On my way walking to the dive centre from home (approximately 300m) I saw:

  • 2 Cats
  • About 15 Goats
  • 2 Taxi drivers offering me a lift
  • Zero camels

Occasionally there is a camel wantering on the road, I imagine someone letting out the pet camel for a run around (ok not very likely).

It is very windy today. The sea looks a bit rough.

Day 10: 28th

I did half a day’s guiding (1 dive) because my morning group postponed until tomorrow. I went around the Islands dive site but got a bit lost… “Ever tried – ever failed – no matter – try again – fail. Again. Fail better”

I got some more bits of the house. It still needs some air freshener because there is a woody smell that has been present since I moved in.

Also I will try to get the camera out for some more photos.

Day 9: 27th

Of course I forgot to set the alarm on my phone after taking the battery out! Fortunately I was not doing anything in the morning. Got in at 9:40.

Another quiet day at the office. I am diving in the afternoon, following another group around the islands just to refresh my memory. Several people are taking the day off diving so looking forward to getting back. The instructors and guides are:

  • Tom Smith (video and photo man, instructor)
  • Chaz (who is away on a liveaboard this week, instructor)
  • Tom Steiner (techy diver, instructor)
  • Sandy (knows about fish species, DM)
  • Carol
  • Manon
  • Me (Tim)

I hear the unseasonably hot weather continues in the UK. For comparison:

Dahab: 44C (day), 25C (night), 10% humidity

UK: 30C (day), 19C (night), 55% humidity

Its a different type of feeling with with humidity taken into consideration.

Updated: I just finished looking around more dive sites and doing little maps (The Islands and Pinnacle). I hear I might be working again tomorrow. After talking with sandy, I fixed my map of the Islands with a little help from Google Maps. I now realise I was confusing the names of the various regions. I should perhaps put the dive site maps online for the world to have a laugh. 🙂

Day 8: 26th

Things going fine. I am not sure if I am doing anything today but hopefully I get a day off! (I guess I should just ask for one.)

On thing I find annying when shopping is you get different prices depending on who you are. There are a few rates:

  • Locals (who speak arabic)
  • Regulars and staff (and tourists who speak arabic)
  • Tourists (who don’t speak arabic)

As you can imagine I like things to be more straight forward than that. I mean “what about equality?” Athough I do recognise it is important to accept local customs (including speaking Arabic – or attempting to do so).

Update: I am having a day off after all. I have a new mobile number while I am in Egypt.

I have linked to Google maps to show my neighbourhood and approximate house location.

Day 7: 25th

I spent the first night in my house. The rent is pretty reasonable (egyptian £1000 a month which is about UK £90). I got two big fans to cool me down when sleeping. So far so good.

I should be finishing an open water course today so very busy.

Day 6: 23rd

Working on finishing an open water referral. Quite fun.

I paid for a month rent for a house. I will soon upload a photo so you can see how truly (un)awesome it is. Last day with air conditioning for a while.

We (a few staff and divers) went to the Sea Bride resturant on the other side of the bay. I was a bit skeptical about sea food but I was very pleasantly surprised. Really good food.

Day 4: 21st

First day instructing, so far, so good. I was shown a house behind (big instructor) Tom’s place which is small but ok. I said I would take it as long as the paper work was all fine. People are welcome to come and stay over if you don’t mind only having the (VERY) basics.

I had a weird night dive when a big fishing net got in the way of my planned route. We went out about 90 minutes later to pull it in but we could not find it – weird.

Day 3: 20th

More dives. I was given an instructing job for 21st which should be fun and a challenge.

Day 2: 19th

First dives to check the equipment still works. Its good to be back.

Day 1: 18th July

Travel is usually boring or stressful, or is that being too pessimistic? I was heading out of Ashford to Gatwick by train when the driver announced that the train was terminating at headcorn because of a technical problem (faulty horn apparently). It was good I was on a really early train. No other problems occured. Unusually Chriss was still up and about at 11PM when I got in which was nice.

Staying at Fantasea Divers/Coral Coast Hotel