Tim Sheerman-Chase MPhys MinstP PhD

Phone: +44 (0)7719 775716 – Email: jobcontact [at] sheerman-chase [dot] org [dot] uk

I am a software engineer, with experience in range of industries, technologies and academia, looking for opportunities to work with cutting edge technology. I have completed a PhD in computer vision and non-verbal communication analysis at the University of Surrey. I previously founded Kinatomic, a software company providing innovative products and services. In these roles, and at BAE Systems, I developed novel technology, and prototype systems. This has given me experience of independently conducting research, as well as all stages of software design and development within team based, multi-company projects.

I am currently only looking for software contractor work, but may be interested in scientific projects.


Problem solving – by combining a broad technical experience with an intuitive sense for generating solutions and the ability to implement them.
Analytic thinking – able to analyse complex technical material, identify the relevant information and to understand the wider implications.
Work package planning and monitoring – based on understanding of technical requirements, resources and constraints.
Team work – collaborating with team members to produce deliverables by a specific deadline.
Communication, presentation skills, technical writing – communicating complex information in an approachable way.

Technical Skills

Languages and APIs: Extensive experience with Python (with cython & Python C extensions), C, C++, PHP, HTML5, C#, SQL (MySQL, SQLite)
Languages and APIs: Also familiar with Matlab, CSS, Javascript, OpenGL, GIS & navigation databases, XML, JOSN, Apache, REST APIs, Amazon cloud EC2, S3.
Version management tools: GIT, SVN. Design tools: UML, OO design, design patterns.
Coding tools: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Green Hills MULTI IDE, Logic analyser usage, debugging, Linux.
Technologies: Multi-threaded software, Test driven development, embedded software (Netsilicon & ARM processors), web based server side, GUI interfaces (GTK+ and QT with custom GUI widgets), crowd-sourcing from Mechanical Turk, user evaluation interviews and online surveys, augmented reality, maps and navigation assistance, aircraft simulators, human factors evaluation, image editing (GIMP) and processing, machine learning, visual tracking, model fitting techniques, data set recording and annotation tools, Ethernet protocols.


Founder, Kinatomic Technology, Portsmouth, UK
2016 – Present, Jan 2013 – May 2014
Developing image processing, personal navigation and gaming products for desktops and the Android phone platform. Freelance software consultation and contract work, through Toptal recruitment.

Software Engineer, Symetrica Security Ltd, Southampton, UK
2015 – 2016
Evaluating approaches for image processing of moving vehicles. Working in an international software team on embedded, ARM, custom UI in GTK3 for radiation detection and nuclide identification. Implementation used C++ and C#, managed in a GIT version control system.

Applications Developer, Hallmarq Veterinary Image Ltd, Guildford, UK
2014 – 2015
Developing software for an improved MRI spectrometer based on ARM Zynq embedded C/C++/Forth, Windows, TCP/IP real time communication, ARM assembly/intrinsics and DSP filtering. Also, developing fee-per-scan invoice generation web application with python and MySQL.

Systems Engineer/Senior Technologist, BAE SYSTEMS, Rochester
2001 – 2007
I was responsible for designing, implementing, integrating and testing software in prototypes of embedded, real time avionics systems. These systems aimed to improve safety and efficiency of aircraft by applying new technology in data communications and displays. I performed:

  • requirements analysis of systems and software
  • software work package planning, provided time and cost estimates,
  • design of high level systems that combined software from other engineers, low level self contained software modules, as well as custom GUIs and displays,
  • debugging and testing of software,
  • liaising between my team and other project partners for system integration,
  • organising and conducting user evaluation interviews,
  • writing technical reports to document findings and
  • preparing and presented project reviews.

Education and Qualifications

Post-graduate Study for PhD, University of Surrey, Guildford
2007 – 2013
I conducted an investigation to find effective methods for automatic recognition of non-verbal communication. This involved:

  • creating and evaluating novel methods,
  • publishing the findings in five peer reviewed papers and a thesis,
  • presenting results at conferences, workshops, at regular progress meetings with project partners and the funding agency as part of the EPSRC LILiR project.

Thesis title: On the Automatic Recognition of Facial Non-verbal Communication Meaning in Informal, Spontaneous Conversation. I also supervised undergraduate labs, which involved explaining tasks, programming techniques and assessing the students understanding of material.

2007 – 2012 – Attended approximately 45 seminars on computer vision research.
2004 – Object Oriented Design Training (4 Days), Scuba Instructor Course (11 Days)
1997 – 2001 University of Kent at Canterbury, Physics (MPhys) – 2:1 Awarded

Activities and Interests

  • Collaborative map making as a surveyor and developer in a global open map project. This involves collaborating with the open data community, organising surveying events, writing custom tools to perform GIS merging, storage, rendering and validation.
  • Volunteer administration of several web sites involving WordPress, SQL (SQLite), PHP, CSS, Javascript, GIS, Feeds (Atom/RSS), Apache, HTML5, Google maps/calender and PayPal.
  • Volunteer scuba instructor from 2004 to 2008, including teaching theory and manual skills to students. I am also familiar with video and audio editing (CS3, Audacity).

References are available upon request.